1. Address of the plot on which the property is acquired.

2. Passport photos. (2 color photos in case of need)

3. Information on the plot and parcel of the land in the Land Registration Office.

4. Status of the land. (of the cadastral information management)

5. The area of land . (in proportion to the purchase of housing)

6. Condition of the property belonging to the new owner. (the type of property)

7. Value of the acquired property.

8. Information about the previous owner(s).

9. Information about the new owner(s).

10. Date of acquisition of the property by the previous owner.

11. Tapu document number (varies with each transfer of ownership)

12. Registration data of the new Tapu document.

13. Date of acquisition of the property by the new owner.

14. Authorized signature and stamp of the Cadastral management.

According to the Turkish laws, Tapu is the only document that certifies the ownership of acquired property! From the inventory management, where Tapu is stored and issued, you can get complete information about the property - all the owners, who had a relationship to the property prior to the transaction, to find out whether a debt or prosecution, etc. In Tapu shows the type and address of the property, the date of purchase (date of the new Tapu), mutual share ownership of the land and the value of the object (this amount is used in calculating the annual property tax, and paid by the state if any insured event occurs). Value may differ from the actual cost than buying a few times, which is beneficial for tax purposes, but reduces the benefit of the public health insurance.

Attention!!! According to the law of 14.11.2007, № 5711, all owners of Tapu (with developers help) within 2 years are obliged to transfer their property to the rank of "Kat Mülkiyeti" (item 6).
 Kat Mülkiyeti: The ownership of the independent unit which is ready for use (apartment, house, office, etc.).
 Kat Irtifaki: The ownership of the independent unit which is not ready for use (because of unfinished construction work, or in connection with that it does not specifically authorized by the municipality).

​After receiving the Tapu, you should contact the Embassy of Turkey in your country or to the local police station to grant permission for a residence permit in Turkey for a period of 1-2-5 years based on Tapu. The residence permit is issued in the foreign department of the local police and the cost of registration is 150-250 euros per year.